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"Last time I was here, I was drugged, kidnapped and almost killed." -Diana Meade

Diana Meade is the daughter of John Blackwell and Elizabeth Meade, ex-girlfriend of Adam Contant, best friend and paternal younger half-sister of Cassie Blake, and also the leader of the circle.

Family Edit

  • John Blackwell (Father)
  • Charles Meade (Adoptive Father/Step-Father)
  • Elizabeth Meade (Mother)
  • Cassie Blake (Older Paternal Half-Sister)
  • Four Unknown Paternal Half-Siblings
  • Kate Meade (Legal Paternal Grandmother)
  • Samuel Blackwell (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Francis Balcoin (Ancestor)
  • Jane Thomas (Ancestor)
  • E. Blackwell (Ancestor)
  • Joseph Blackwell (Ancestor)
  • James Blackwell (Great-Grandfather)
  • Emma Watkins (Great-Grandmother)
  • Adam Conant (Brother In Law)
  • Unborn Niece/Nephew (via Cassie)

Relationships Edit

  • Adam Conant (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Grant (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Unnamed Boyfriend